Tennis Circus Comes To Town

Last Saturday, Tennis Circus came to Oxshott Village Sports Club. This is an organisation run by Danny Sapsford, ex Davis Cup player. Danny comes into clubs and runs coaching training sessions for the members.

The sessions were great fun, fast-moving and, most importantly, really helped everyone with their tennis.

Danny ran several 90 minute sessions. The first was with some of our better juniors, and the next two were with groups of adult members. I didn’t get to see the second two sessions, so I don’t know exactly what Danny did, but the feedback was excellent.¬†

For the junior session, Danny called me the night before and asked what kind of things I’d like him to do with the juniors. I asked him to do the session which he had previously done with the adults – a doubles session involving lots of great advice on positioning, intercepting and lots of other great stuff.

I won’t give everything away from the session. You’ll have to come along to the the next one (or our group coaching sessions at the club which cover the same things), but one thing which really helped my tennis was not looking behind me at my partner when I’m at the net. I took this away from Danny’s previous session – didn’t even realise I was doing it – but learning to keep my eyes forward has massively improved my ability to react to what the opponents are doing at the other end.

What was also pleasing to me was that Danny taught all the same principals that we teach in the group lessons at OVSC. Whether being taught by a Davis Cup player or a club coach, good doubles is good doubles.

If you are one of the people who came along to the sessions, or any other intermediate to advanced level player, you would probably enjoy our Intermediate / Advanced Adult Group coaching or Junior Group Coaching this term as we’ll cover a lot of the same things.

Thanks for the session Danny and we look forward to seeing you again!

Please leave any questions or comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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