Some videos to help your tennis

Some Videos To Help Your Tennis

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In previous blog posts, I’ve shown a few videos which I think are helpful to players of all levels. Quite a few people mentioned that they liked these videos and found them useful, so I thought I’d put them all in one blog post for you to see.

I won’t comment on the videos – I’ll leave it to you to see what you think. But I will just say that if some things seem basic in these vids (e.g. practising with your hand before using the racket), keep in mind that a great game is built by doing the basics right. If you are a more experienced, even professional player, some of these simple exercises can still help your game.

Enjoy! And comment below.

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The three types of serving action

[imaioVideo v=1]

Tennis In Minutes

This is a GREAT video which takes you from pushing the ball with your hands to hitting a professional forehand in minutes.

[imaioVideo v=2]

The Flat Serve

[imaioVideo v=3]

The Kick Serve

[imaioVideo v=4]

The Slice Serve

[imaioVideo v=6]

Tennis In Minutes Compilation

This is just a few clips taken from the ‘Tennis In Minutes’ dvd by Modern Tennis International. It shows some of the progressions from their ‘confidence & Control’ series. You’ll see a few of the things that we teach in the lessons at Oxshott & Danes Hill to children and adults. Again, it can look a bit basic, but lays a solid foundation for great tennis.

[imaioVideo v=5]

And finally…..just for fun, the mighty Federer!

[imaioVideo v=7]

I hope you’ve enjoyed these vids. Leave comments and questions in the ‘comments’ box. Contact me any time about lessons for you or your family.

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