Read this before you book your next tennis lesson!

This article applies to you if you’re an adult taking tennis lessons or the parent of a child who takes lessons.

Why are you taking lessons? Seriously – I mean it. If you know the answer to this question, it will make the lessons more productive, better value for money and ultimately help you to reach your goals.

Let me explain what I mean………people take lessons for different reasons, such as:

  • To get fit
  • To hit lots of balls
  • To chat with the coach 😉
  • To improve their tennis

If it is either of the first two, just tell the coach. That one is easy – you won’t waste time working on technique unnecessarily. The third one we’ll skip for now, but the fourth option is the interesting one.

I often ask people what they would like from their lesson. A common answer is ‘just to improve’ or people often say ‘just look at my tennis and tell me what I need to improve.’ The problem here is that we will be working on technique for the sake of it, with no real end goal in mind.

Ultimately, if you are taking lessons to improve your tennis, rather than just keep fit or hit balls, the lesson should be based around what happens when you play a game of tennis. How do you win points and lose points? If you have an idea of the answer to this question, then we can really start to improve your game.

  • Are you using the right tactics in your game, or going for the wrong shot at the wrong time?
  • Are you losing points by the opponents’ winners or your errors?
  • Are you winning points by the opponents’ errors or your winners?
  • Is there a particular shot which is causing you problems in a game? A fast ball / slow ball / high ball / low ball / short / deep / forehand / backhand.
  • Is there a particular stroke which lets you down? If so, what about it? Do you make errors on that shot, need to make it more powerful, more accurate.
  • Do you have particular strengths which can be used more effectively.

These questions could go on and on, but the main point is if you are playing games of tennis, you can quite easily work out what needs to be improved based on what happens in those games. If you then take a tennis lesson armed with that knowledge, it can be an extremely productive and helpful lesson. We can really go to work on the things which matter to you in a game.

But what if you are only taking lessons, not playing any games?

Do you fall into this category? There are many people taking lessons who do fall into this category. You can get into a situation where you are just having lessons for the sake of having lessons. This is absolutely fine as long as you understand that your game may not improve much as a result. The purpose of the session should be just for fun and to keep fit. And the content of the session should reflect this – lots of hitting balls, drills, but not much work on the technique – because there is no point in working on technique unless it relates somehow to a real game.

If, however, you do want to improve your game, get out there and play the game, work out what’s working and what isn’t, and come to the lesson ready to work on those things.

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