Lessons in club doubles from the Bryan brothers

In this set of videos, the Bryan brothers highlight some of the main errors that club players make, and what to do about them. It mirrors much of the stuff we teach in the doubles lessons at OVSC.

Video 1 – The Secret Sauce

I would suggest forwarding to about 16.5 minutes into this clip as there’s a lot of fluff first which you don’t need. And you can stop the video at about 27 minutes, unless you want to learn how to chest bump – which is what they cover in the rest of the video!

Video 2 – Feelin’ The Groove

I’m finding by video 2, that the descriptions are a bit long winded and I’d like to see things actually demonstrated in a doubles situation. There is some useful stuff about moving forward after a good volley and back after a weak volley. At about 9.5 minutes, there is a useful bit about poaching – moving forward and across rather than just accross.

There is a good drill at about 13 minutes which we’ll do at the coffee morning in the next couple of weeks.

Ok I must confess I haven’t yet watched videos 3 & 4. Struggling to find the time to get through these videos. But if they are like the first 2, there are probably some very useful bits of information but possibly a bit long winded. Here they are – when I’ve had time to look at them, I’ll come back and comment.

Video 3 – Cat & Mouse


Video 4 – Half The Battle


Please comment on these videos – I’d love to hear what you think!

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