Great FREE Tennis Instruction Videos

As a tennis coach and keen tennis player, I often come across great instruction videos on the internet – mainly on YouTube. But it’s easy to lose track of them. So I thought I’d just do a blog post containing all these videos.

I’ll only include videos which I believe, in my professional opinion, to work in the real world. In other words, things you can go out and implement in your game today – no overly technical or complicated videos here, and nothing which looks good but doesn’t actually improve your game.

I’ll keep adding to this post – so bookmark it and come back from time to time. Please use the buttons at the bottom to share.

One final thing – of course all the videos in the world will do nothing for your tennis unless you get out there and practice it – loads of repetition. But you already knew that;-)

In no particular order……………….


3 videos on the one-handed backhand from Florian Meier

These are on the one-handed backhand drive (topspin). Not for beginners – but if you already have a one-handed drive, these are GREAT videos for improving it.


Video series on the serve – again from Florian Meier

Like the previous set of videos, I’d say this is not for beginners. If you haven’t learned the basics of the serve action, some of the aspects of these videos will be too difficult. But if you already have the basics of a serve, these tips and exercises will really help.



5 Fundamentals of the forehand from Fuzzy Yellow Balls

Love this video. For intermediate players upwards. It is 40 minutes long though, so you may want to make a cup of coffee.


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