Tennis Coaching At Cobham Recreation Ground

Cobham Mini TennisCobham Recreation Ground is a great location for tennis lessons. The courts are fantastic, it’s a nice setting and it’s just behind the high street atĀ Lushington Drive, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 2LN



Private tennis lessons for adults and children

More expensive than a group, butĀ private lessons with one of our team of well qualified coaches is a great way to fast improvement, and a guaranteed way to hit loads of balls!
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How To Get There and Park

There are two ways in. The first way is Lushington Drive, opposite the entrance to the Waitrose Car Park (see the blue arrow in the picture below). This takes you right to the courts, but parking can be a problem at times. If you are dropping a child off for tennis, you could drop them there with me and then go off to park.

The second way is Oakfield Road. This requires walking across the rec, which takes a couple of minutes, but there is more parking there.

Some people also choose to park in the Waitrose car park.

Tennis coaching in Cobham

Here is the google map to the location: