New test post…..

New test post

Great FREE Tennis Instruction Videos

As a tennis coach and keen tennis player, I often come across great instruction videos on the internet – mainly on YouTube. But it’s easy to lose track of them. So I thought I’d just do a blog post containing all these videos. …Continue Reading

A Great Video On The Forehand From Fuzzy Yellow Balls

There is a useful website called Fuzzy Yellow Balls. They provide videos and articles to help improve your tennis.

When you sign up for their free newsletter, which I recommend doing, you get the video below. It’s a great video showing the fundamentals of a world class forehand, but in a way that anyone can understand and copy. We will be working on these fundamentals in upcoming lessons.

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5 Tips to improve your tennis serve

Here is a nice quick and simple video clip with some tips to improve your tennis serve. These are simple things which you could implement easily and quickly. Enjoy – and feel free to comment or ask questions below.



Some videos to help your tennis

Some Videos To Help Your Tennis

Image courtesy of Nirots/

In previous blog posts, I’ve shown a few videos which I think are helpful to players of all levels. Quite a few people mentioned that they liked these videos and found them useful, so I thought I’d put them all in one blog post for you to see. …Continue Reading

Does your child really need a tennis lesson?

This week, I’m doing what I usually do the first week of term – lots’s of talking to parents, getting tennis lessons organised for their children. I’ve noticed something which I notice a lot, so I thought I’d write a quick post about it.

There are quite a few parents who play tennis themselves, some even have tennis courts at home. They are booking their children into a tennis lesson once per week, but not managing to play with their kids themselves.

It’s a well known statistic in tennis that most of the top players started out hitting with their parents. And we see this played out at the tennis club. The majority of our best juniors are out there hitting with parents pretty often.

Why is this? It’s the hours spent on court of course. This is a HUGE factor in how much a player improves. It’s a more important factor than taking lessons. 

Now, I’m not suggesting that people shouldn’t take lessons – they should. We don’t want to practice the wrong things for hours on end. But if your child isn’t getting the hours on court, don’t immediately think they need lessons. It isn’t the answer. This particularly applies to younger children (4-5). Get out on court with them and get them hitting loads of balls, and THEN get them some lessons as well and see the improvement.


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Tennis Circus Comes To Town

Last Saturday, Tennis Circus came to Oxshott Village Sports Club. This is an organisation run by Danny Sapsford, ex Davis Cup player. Danny comes into clubs and runs coaching training sessions for the members.

The sessions were great fun, fast-moving and, most importantly, really helped everyone with their tennis. …Continue Reading

The three types of serving action. A Video from Modern Tennis International

This is the third in a series of posts I have written featuring great videos from Modern Tennis International to help you with your tennis – whether you’re a junior, senior, beginner or expert! …Continue Reading

Early preparation – another video from Modern Tennis International

In this, the second of three videos that I am posting from Modern Tennis International, Andy Mcgrath busts a few of the myths about ‘racket back early’.

If you’ve seen (or heard) any of the Oxshott tennis coaches on court, you will have heard us talking about tracking the ball. That is what this video is all about, the truth about early preparation – and it isn’t getting sideways on and getting the racket back early! …Continue Reading

Tennis in minutes with Modern Tennis International (video)

This is the first of 3 blog posts where I will feature videos from Modern Tennis International. All the coaches at Oxshott Village Sports Club are trained to use the MTI method – and when you see the videos, you’ll understand why. They make things so simple, but highly effective – and bust a load of the myths which surround the technique of tennis. …Continue Reading