Great lessons on the serve from Modern Tennis International

Modern Tennis International have the best system I’ve ever seen for learning and improving your tennis – and I’ve seen a few systems!

In this series of short videos, Andy demonstrates in VERY simple terms how to successfully hit 5 different types of serves.

The Flat Serve

And watch it demonstrated by Andy Roddick…….

The Heavy Serve

And see it done by maybe the best server ever – Sampras

The Slice Serve

Great on the courts at OVSC – send your opponents into the side fence with this one!

As demonstrated by Nadal….


The Topslice serve AKA kick serve

This one is my own weapon of choice for a second serve, sometimes for a first serve. It’s quite amusing to see the occasional opponent miss the ball completely when it dips then spins off to the side.

Watch it done by Sam Stosur……..


The Topspin Serve

Demo from Del Potro

Hope you found this helpful. Do check out Modern Tennis International, and please comment below.



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  1. StephenHunt Says:

    Hi Karl
    Some useful tips, thanks.

    Yours in sport

  2. karl Says:

    Glad you found them useful Steve

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